Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Budding Romance

I should have titled this piece budding romances, but I wanted to you, reader, to be fooled for just a moment. On Monday I retrieved my bicycle (it's pictured above, the beautiful purple little roadster). It has revolutionized my travel. I zip around Oxford now in no time at all. My bicycle and I have a strong bond already.

Today I also returned to the Gloucester Green Market. Since it wasn't snowing the vendors were out in force. I gleaned some beautiful eggplants and finally found some affordable nuts. For some reason nuts and trail mixes are very pricey in the stores here. I found a dry goods vendor who sold them for a reasonable amount.

There was also a cheese vendor at the market. I can foresee a strong relationship forming with my cheese monger. I went a little crazy and got three kinds of cheese, a French mozzarella, a Gruyere (also French), and finally an English red Windsor. You can see them pictured with my grapes. I think the cheese seller and my butcher, John David, will be competing for my affection. Monday I went to see John and got a mozzarella, sun dried tomato, and basil veggie sausage. It was AMAZING.

As Ogden Nash would say, "Food, Food Glorious Food." Obviously the way to my heart is through my stomach after a short bike ride into city center.

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  1. I feel like becoming a cheese monger is part of the European experience. We eat cheese for both breakfast and dinner--well over a dozen varieties have crossed my plate, as we tend to keep at least four varieties in the fridge. And of course I'm in love with many horid non-veggie things as well (liver patte anyone?). YAY FOOD!!!