Tuesday, 11 May 2010


This past Saturday I was fortunate enough to travel to Wales! First we visited the Museum of Welsh Life. On the grounds are over forty reconstructed historic cottages/ structures from all over Wales. The oldest cottage was originally built in the 1500s. You can also enjoy Bara bread with butter hot from the bakery circa 1900 (that's the bakery, not the bread). The interpretation and preservation the Museum is doing is incredible. This national park ranger was impressed.

After the Museum we were off to Cardiff Castle. It was a really pretty castle, and our guide was fantastic! The mote surrounding the castle is one of the oldest in wales, though the actual castle as it is seen today was mostly constructed in the nineteenth century. The eccentric architect/ designer of the castle was devoted to the mid evil era and parrots. Those influences make for an interesting design scheme. It also helps that his client, the royalty of wales, had enough money to throw in the mote (they didn't but they could have).

It was of course raining on Saturday. After touring the castle and climbing the mote tower we warmed ourselves at the Old Library with tea. Then it was back to Oxford and back to the books.

Enjoy this pictures!

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