Saturday, 3 April 2010


For the past three weeks I have been out of the country, and I don't just mean the US of A. I've been jetting around Europe. Friday March 10th I met one of my dearest friends in Germany! She is working there for a year. We explored southern Germany. One of the highlights was Heidelberg. There was so much to do there! My favorites were the Schloss, or castle, and Philosopher's Way. Luckily for us the Schloss and Philosopher's Way were on opposite hills. We did a lot of hiking in Heidelberg. Pictured first is Philosopher's Way.

Mid-way through the week I departed Germany for Italy! I met my cousins in Bologna. They were wonderful hosts, taking me all around the city. The food was also UNBELIEVABLE. Between my cousins cooking and a wonderful evening out at an awesome restaurant my stomach grew a lot. Which was good, because I was soon off to Lanciano to spend time with my Grandfather's brother and his children. We ate and ate and ate, and when we weren't eating we were planning on what to eat next. You can understand why my stomach needed the extra space. It was glorious. I also managed to hike around the village where my Grandfather was raised; you can see it pictured second. Being there is just like being home.

I came back to Oxford just two days before I set off for Barcelona. Barcelona was beautiful. The Spanish culture is really wonderful. I was there with a friend, and we decided to take a bike tour the first day... best idea ever. It really helped us get oriented and learn about the city. One of my favorite parts of that trip was Park Guell. It's a park designed by the famous architect Gaudi. The last picture is a view of the park. We also had a wonderful dinner at Les Quinze Mity. Since all of the chefs there are in training it was gourmet quailty food on the cheap.

Wednesday I'm jetting off again for two weeks. In the mean time my friends and I (the few still in Oxford) are having a little Easter dinner. It's a potluck event, and I volunteered lasagna. What ever you are doing tomorrow I hope you have a safe and happy Easter. I'm sure the bunny will be good to all of us this year. Sending all my love from the 'shire.

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